Change Personified – The Relentless Tea Drinking Beast

A couple of weeks ago I ‘tweeted’: “Nobody really likes Change, but we must invite it in for a cup of tea once in a while, so we can find out what it’s up to”. Now, I’ve got a pretty poor memory, but it went along those lines.

Sometime later, in a moment of whimsical mental wandering, I began to think what I really meant by this, if I meant anything at all. Turned out I did mean something.

Change is a powerful thing, it can be a bit of a bully. I don’t particularly like it, because I’m happy in my own little world, with things the way they are. But it’s there, always, changing things.

So it has been my attitude, increasingly over recent years, to invite Change in for a cup of tea. I don’t drink tea, but Change does, and it’s a guest at my house so I play the good host.

Now, living with Change can be a little annoying. For one, it most definitely will not leave, has it’s own room in my house, a place where it can keep warm. It interupts me when I’m pretending to be Peter Green on my guitar, or while I’m watching Dr Who; sometimes, even when I’m out with Wyf2b for a meal, it just sort of appears out of knowhere, nagging me.

But what do you expect me to do? What if I were to turn around one day and kick it out? Would I advise others to think about Change, and say “NO, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST YOU LET CHANGE INTO YOUR HOUSE!”

Fact is, if you don’t let Change in…wait, scrap that…Fact is, you have no choice but to let Change in. Yes you can ignore it’s calls, but it will come tapping at your window. You can shut your curtains, but it will come banging at your door. There’s nobody you can call to come and remove it, when it starts throwing bricks at your window. And when it smashes down your door; crashes through your house! What’s it going to find?

It’s going to find a cowering, whimpering figure, huddled in a corner, cold and scared, fear in  it’s eyes. It’s going to find you!

So, yes, Change lives with me. It’s always there, somewhere. We don’t always get on. It interupts peaceful moments. But over time, we’ve built up a mutual respect and understanding of one another. I wouldn’t dream of kicking it out, I actually want it to stay. I’d much rather make it a cup of tea!


3 thoughts on “Change Personified – The Relentless Tea Drinking Beast

  1. Great blog post. I love change, although I am terrible about ever getting around to change. Fact is I have been so busy at times that I sat on the couch as change knocked on my door. Then I noticed that the world changed and left me behind. When trying to reenter, the world did not know who I was. So now in my spare time, I am reinventing my world welcoming change. Slowly I am readjusting myself to the world and finding myself as the world finds me. Next time change comes knocking I will be waiting by the door welcoming it in. I hope that you do the same as well.

    • Hi Chris
      Thanks for the comment.
      Understanding change, or learning to live with it, can be a bit of a culture shock when you realise what it means to ‘live with it’. It’s not something that has an end point, and when you’re engaged with change at the front end the solid results of what you’re doing are not visible until sometime later – therefore you can find yourself forever out of your comfort zone. As with anything though, we still need a distraction from it to refresh our batteries, for which I am fortunate enough to have a loving family, to whom my work/job means nothing – and long may that continue.
      I look forward to seeing some posts on your blog. You might find mine a bit random at the moment, but will be stating a more directional position soon. I’ve posted another since your last comment, so feel free to contribute any thoughts…if of course you feel it warrants one! 🙂

  2. […] Now take this above premise, and if you haven’t already picked up on the theme, flip-it into this: that we’re the ones driving “Furthur”, the ones that are challenging the norms of authority and society. We’re doing it by actively participating, our Kool-Aid is Social Media and we ingest it on a daily basis. Our eyes have been opened, pupils dilated, and we no longer have a choice in the matter, there’s no going back; addiction. But that’s the truth about Social Media, you can’t simply turn around one day and say, “hey, I need to get off this SocMed, man”. The beauty of the Social Media movement is that it is brining change no government can do anything about, it is powerful and real; our only option is to invite it in for a cup of tea. […]

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