‘Stacey’ – An Inspiration for Creative Solutions to Work Issues

I’ve got this guitar, you see. Black with cream trim, acustic she is, very pretty and carries a nice tone, despite me trying to make her make noises not befitting of a lady. I like her lots, more than my electric and amped to 11 one! As the title reveals, my acustic friend is called Stacey.

I am not the best guitarist (whilst still shamelessly directing you to my Blong entry for evidence – ‘Colour of Your Name’), but that really doesn’t matter. Really, it doesn’t, because being good at it is not the point!

My view is that if you practice enough, natural improvement will occur incrementally. That’s a result via consequence of play, right?

But one of the most important things about Stacey, is that she acts as a work life balance tool…and very much appreciated she is. Of course, she does not, nor could ever replace the joy, love and utter distraction my family bring.

However, what she does bring is a release of creative energy, a distance, a surge, an exploration, an abyss not of darkness, but of colour and possibility during those times when heavy clouds hang over.

As happens to a lot of us, there are times when we bring work home – sometimes physically, mostly mentally. There are projects to work on, workstreams, meetings and discussions to facilitate, and sometimes they don’t leave you – immensely frustrating as you try to figure out how you’re going to conjure up both truthful and meaningful delivery.

Well, you see, me and Stacey work these things through together. We talk in a language only her and I understand, exploring possibilities together, creative expression – which other than a few raised eyebrows and fingers in ears, harms nobody.

She is temporary and permanent, intermittent and always, an inspirational outlet existential and real, all at the same time. She provides for me a way of distancing myself from a problem, while simultaneously bringing me closer to possible solutions.

It’s good to have a Stacey. Who, or what, is yours?


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