My problem with blogging and how Zorro helped me!

On completion of an ‘anti-planning’ planning session the other eve with @StevenTuck and @Gr8governance, we dispersed to the pub. This was of course to wind down from a monolithic outpouring of intellectualism seldom seen in today’s world. For those of you who know any of us as individuals, you will know I speak the truth! Together, our powers are three-fold, making 0.9 of a whole.

The Zorro of Blogging

Our reversion to the more staid discussion enjoyed by mere mortals was assisted by a half pint, served by a happy barkeep. Whilst @Gr8governance wrote a blog about the evenings event, @StevenTuck and I had a little chat about blogging.

I explained to him that I wrote one blog – Change Personified – off the back of an analogy I’d expressed to him during a conversation we were having. Verbally, the analogy could not have been more than a few sentences; by the time I had finished writing it that evening, I couldn’t understand how I had made it so long!

“That’s what my problem is,” I told him. “Basically, I pretty much over complicate things when writing, or put in details beyond what I need.”

After thoughtful pause, he said “I do that!”

With deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes proportions, I challenged him. “Then how do you explain the simplistic brilliance of your Pint Glass thingy blog post you did?

“Ah, it’s because ‘I do that’, that I wrote that like that,” was his explanation; or something to that sentiment.

It left me just a little bit impressed and just a little bit jealous. It is my intention to maybe try his approach sometime. I thought I might try that approach here, but clearly that’s a #fail.

Maybe I should have just written: “I like the way @StevenTuck writes his blog posts. I’m going to try and emulate his approach.” Maybe that would have been enough.


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