Vingnettes in Sepia

I love what the digital age has allowed us to do, especially by way of photography, through the rise of digital camera’s. What used to be an expensive hobby (not for me, as I could never spare the funds) now, realistically only requires small investment in a camera and little more. So long as you are able to charge your camera battery, you’re free to snap away merrily.

And merrily I do, without as much consideration as  I might if I were using a 24 exposure film. My digital camera allows me to snap, snap, snap, and as a complete  amature this is a god send. Out of this approach, you can sometimes get a few good snaps.

Messing about the other day at Beaumont Park, Huddersfield, I took the following shots with my Sony DSC-H9. These were my favourite ones from, truthfully, quite a large batch. It was a foggy day, and I found that the ‘sepia’ setting produced some interesting results of depth to the photos.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here they are. I love that technology allows me to play so freely.


2 thoughts on “Vingnettes in Sepia

  1. Very nice Spencer!
    And I like your comments regarding being able to snap away endlessly and maybe get a great shot in the batch.

    I remember a few years back now (when I could actually PLAY sport!), there was a photographer at one of our Australian Rules football games for one of the big London mags. I got speaking to him as he looked as if he had all the ‘right’ equipment (and in that I mean it looked like it cost him a LOT of money!). I asked him various questions but one thing he told me was that he might take anywhere between 300 and 500 photos during the game! Christ!
    But he might be lucky to get one printed!

    So, the same principle applies to the professionals! You’re in good company!

    • Thanks for the input Donald.

      I guess that digital photography has allowed for a glut of amatures to potentailly make their mark more readily, in the same way that social media tools have allowed for bloggers to enter a world previously much reserved for journalists!


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