Snowdon in the Snow meets Spencer’s Vertigo!

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I am absolutely phenomenalutely excited about walking up Mount Snowdon tomorrow – 13 Feb 2011. I’m not great with heights, but have been assured by @StevenTuck that there will only be a couple of points where I realise how high up we are – half-way up and, of course, when we reach the top.

There is not much by way of walking gets done in my family unit, but we have endeavoured to do more this year; me and Sarah (better known to my twitter followers as, Wyf2b) have already been on a couple of leisurely ones over Holmfirth way. Personally, I’m more disposed to take a trip to the gym. The controlled, artificial environment sort of suits me better; rather than the high number of risks that I could face running or cycling down the road.

So as you would expect, this is  a really quite big  adventure for me. I’m hoping very much that there is a mobile signal at the top of there, as I’ve promised my girls, Hayley (HayD) and Lil’Roo (Jemima) that I would give them a ring; and my Mum, who as an avid walker and knowing I am not, was quite shocked at the prospect of me doing this (to which I explained that @StevenTuck bullied me into it).

The biggest problem I faced so far was my missing battery charger for my camera, a problem now rectified.

Also to look forward to is meeting up with a couple of local government colleagues from Barnsley, in the form of @Keneastwood and @CllrTim, who are using this as a bit of prep for their fundraising trip up Kilimanjaro! (Get in touch with them via their twitter  accounts to find out how to make a pledge)

And so it is that I am ready, all my kit sorted (other than a couple of late requests I’ve put in to Mr Tuck).

I am under no illusion that it will be tough, and that some vertigo dizziness might come into play, but I’m waking up to the fact that I need to challenge my comfort zones more and confront some fears. Heck, I work in local gov, so I’ve been faced with challenges bigger than  this particular mountain for quite some months now! I guess it’s about having respect at all times for what you’re faced with, but taking on those mountains and turning them into molehills.

Hmm, that took a turn to the heavy side, that last paragraph!

Anyway, will post an update if I make it back 🙂


5 thoughts on “Snowdon in the Snow meets Spencer’s Vertigo!

  1. I’m really pleased that you came Spence and for taking it all in your stride. #Herooftheday – Well done mate you should be really proud.

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