I Love You More Than Chocolate

Sorry to get all soft on you, but, have you ever received a letter that is just bloody lovely?

I got one in the form of an email from my youngest Daughter, Jemima (I refer to her as Lil’Roo on Twitter, and that’s her in my header image), which arrived in my inbox this morning. She must have written it on her way to school this morning.

She is 9 (will be 10 in November) and just went back to school yesterday, to commence Year 5. This is what she wrote about her first day back:

Hi Daddy,

Yesterday when I came into Year five it felt like we were going back into year four in the afternoon, like it was a tryout day. It wasn’t very exiting because all we did was write our names on class books, and a cover for our religious folder and assembly and then a quiz at the end of the day. So not an exiting day for my first day back, but today I think will be more exiting because I think were doing a little more today, so I think after lunch we will do real work.

Have a nice day at work. Love you more than chocolate.

What a wonderful thing to read at the start of the day!


2 thoughts on “I Love You More Than Chocolate

  1. Hi there! I must apologize for “grading” your daughter’s letter, but don’t fret. She got an A from me because she was really thorough in developing the idea that her first day back was not exciting. My mind is still in “work/teach” mode.

    Onto the more important thing to say: you’re lucky to have such a sweet girl for a daughter. I hope mine would be sweet, too. The last line of her letter was just awesome. Words like that makes me think that you did have a good day all day long. 😀

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