A dedicated Father of two girls, who are intent on growing up far quicker than I would like. Partner of the wonderful Sarah, primary school teacher and mother of ‘the boy’. I’m still looking for the answer to being a perfect parent in order to raise perfect children. Okay, so that’s never going to happen, but you’ve got to keep on trying, always!

Love literature, music and film. A would be novelist, painter, photographer, composer of songs; play the guitar; mostly badly!

I’m striving for something approaching originality – not suggesting I can achieve this! I’m not here to evangelise solutions based only on theory. That’s easy. So where opportunities arise and where I can create them, it’s all about the action and implementation – that’s hard, that’s the challenge, that’s where I am and where I want to remain!

Current position:

Governance & Democratic Services: Labour Group Support Manager, working to support the advancement of the group and individual members’ skills and knowledge, deliver and improve the business functions and implement the communications and councillor development strategies.

Additional service activities are: support and advise on webcasting, member of the Rewiring Local Democracy core team and play a role in development of digital democracy across the service.

Other roles in local government:

Neighbourhood Management: responsible for financial planning and budgets, project monitoring and evaluation, developing communications products such as website, community magazine, press releases and general promotion of events.

Neighbourhood Renewal: supporting local groups with funding applications and developing projects to support local needs.

Policy & Governance: supporting and developing local area committees, working with councillors, the public and a range of internal and external services to develop community projects and resolve community issues.

Additional responsibility for development of wider use of webcasting within the local authority, from council meetings to committees, to internal communication events. Development of staff skills and confidence to embed culture change as a positive and progressive experience.

Empty Homes Project Coordinator: seconded to Private Sector Housing to develop the written strategy into something practical and deliverable. Responsible for successful application to be one of only 10 pilot local authorities nationally, attracting funding to potential value of £300k to bring empty homes back into use.