A new and old Greenhead Park for everybody

Over the last couple of years or so, there has been a massive investment made by Kirklees Council and partners, in the regeneration of Greenhead Park. Me and Lil’Roo went up there yesterday tea-time for a bit of a nosey. Impressed? Yes, very much so.

There is clearly a lot of work still to do, and I am acutely aware there were some quite fervent objections to removal of a number of trees and to the change in location of the play area (I know, because I was the officer facilitating an area committee meeting where we received a presentation). Yet, I think what has been done has been done with respect and integrity.

I love the fact they used a lot of old photographs and ‘memories’ submitted by and collected from people who would have known the park as it used to be ‘back in the day’. So, bearing in mind not everybody is going to pleased with all elements, I think this new ‘old’ park is really good.

I took some photos that I hope capture some of the great renovation work, and how inviting the park now is…far more so than it was previously! Unfortunately, I only had my phone with me, so they’re not the best.

One of the most inviting things, maybe strangely, were the paths. They have all been tarmacked and the smooth even surface gives that great impression of ‘new’. And for bike riding, well Lil’Roo loved that bit!

For me, I love the reinstating of the lake/pond area, which is very pleasant to stroll around. Admittedly, it’s not all that relaxing when your youngest is circling it on her bike; she can swim, but still, be aware! Having a back drop which includes the band stand, really helps set the scene and I imagine that during the summer months (should we get them), there will be much frivolity.

Of course, there is also the play area, or several to be precise, which cater for the very young right through to the older children. Watch out for the zip-wire though, hold on tight,  it’s got a bit of a kick at the end!

Not yet fully restored, but what I expect to be one of the grandest features, is the restored ‘greenhouse’ which is currently having, I think, a sort of visitor centre/cafe extension built onto it.

Anyway, it was a nice couple of hours we spent up there. Can’t wait for the warmer weather!


The Genius of Children

Lil’Roo (8yrs) cried tonight! We were all sat around the dinner table, eating tea. There was me, JB, HayD and Wyf2b, and of course Jemima (Lil’Roo).

It was a completely normal scene. Me, nagging the kids to use their knives and forks properly; don’t talk with your mouth full; use your manners. They are really pretty good, and it’s an occasional reminder mostly.

I noticed half way through, among the chatter, that Lil’Roo had gone a bit quiet. She looked a bit tired, and I asked her if she was okay? “Yes”, she replied.

Two minutes later she left the table, without uttering a word. Wyf2b and I exchanged quizzical glances. Must have gone to the toilet…but we have rules about asking to leave the table (old values), which JB (6yrs) was quick to point out.

I left it for a couple of minutes, then went to seek her out. She was in the living room. Tired, Must be. This was confirmed when I kneeled down in front of her and she immediately grabbed me, simultaneously bursting into tears! “Hey, hey, what’s wrong,” I asked.

To cut a long story short…

She wouldn’t talk to me, but requested a piece of paper and a pen. She would write me a message. I went back to finish my tea, and several minutes later Lil’Roo delivered her note to me, then quickly disappeared:

“Daddy, I love you very much. I just looked around at everybody and thought how lucky we all are, to share in this beautiful family.”

Touched. Completely. It was out of the blue. Completely. I went to find her, to see if she was okay, and she nearly squeezed the life out of me.

“I just saw it when I was sitting there Daddy. Everything stopped, and I just saw it. It’s special, family.”

I really needn’t say much more, but next time you’re all there together, at the dinner table or wherever, stop. Stop and look, and see, even amidst the chaos that is family, and see what Lil’Roo saw – it’s important.