Tornado in the Calder Valley…no, really!

If it wasn’t enough that Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd had suffered from more than a little bit of flooding this “summer”, on Saturday, 25 August, I spotted a mini-tornado in the Calder Valley. Now, I don’t want to mislead or raise expectations of some massive Dorothy-esque, wicked witch, red shoe, tornado about to whisk us all off to the land of Oz; it’s just not often you see the like down’t valley.

It was a strange experience. I could see a particularly active section of dark cloud swirling and dropping down lower than the rest, as it shifted over Brearley Woods (in between Mytholmroyd and Luddendenfoot). It had been sunny and hot, quite humid all morning, so when the rain came there was plenty of steam generated off the leaves of the trees. That’s when I started to see it form. The cloud from above kept reaching down and grabbing the vapour from the trees…and started twisting!

Admittedly, I was a bit slow off the mark, as I didn’t have my mobile to hand. However, I did catch the last few seconds of it’s existence. I hope this imagery is doesn’t disapoint, but then you also get the voices of the kids for a soundtrack too. “Shall we hid under the stairs?”, was the call!

Anyway, here you go. You get to see Calder Valley’s very own tornado dissapearing! First 5 seconds are best and, if you’re viewing on a lap top use the full screen option.